//Prep Your Security System for Daylight Saving Time

Prep Your Security System for Daylight Saving Time

Ready to Fall Back? It’s that time of year again.

For most of the U.S., Daylight Saving Time ends on the first Sunday in November. The clocks go back an hour at 2 a.m. local daylight time and presto, we’re back on Standard time. Unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, you’re probably used to adjusting to these changes twice a year.

Fun fact: Most people blame farmers for DST, but according to the Farmer’s Almanac they were some of its biggest opponents. What really started moving the needle was World War I and the need to save fuel. Farmers claimed it benefited only office workers and the leisure class, and many still lobby against it today. 

Now, a not-so-fun fact that may hit closer to home: An expert from the University of Virginia observed an increase in crime after the end of Daylight Savings Time, especially when it comes to burglary:

Our results suggest that robbery rates will actually increase by 7 percent overall. And this effect will be driven by about a 27 percent increase in robbery during the sunset hour that is affected. So, now that it’s going to be dark during an early evening hour that was light before, there will be a lot more violent street crime like robbery.

So this year, when DST rolls around, don’t forget to check in on your home security system. It’s more than just making sure the time is correct. It’s an opportunity to take a look at the overall health of your system with just a few steps. But don’t worry – your Guardian Protection system will continue to operate as usual even if you didn’t get a chance to do all of these steps right away.

Get DST-Ready With These Home Security Steps

  1. Verify that your panel is set for the right time. Devices get smarter and smarter every year. At one point, you had to send yourself 10 reminders that DST was coming so you didn’t oversleep or show up to work an hour early. Everything in your house that told the time needed to be adjusted. Luckily, that’s not the case anymore.

    You’ve probably noticed that you no longer have to adjust the time on your cell phone or cable box anymore, because they adjust automatically. Most of Guardian’s panels now do the same thing.

    If you use the Guardian Appyour system will be automatically updated to the correct time for your time zone. If you can’t access your system via app, simply reference your panel’s system manual. It’s easy to find both the name of your panel and the correct manual by logging into your customer account.

  2. Give your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a check-up. Whether you have monitored smoke detectors or not, DST is a great time to test all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you’re reading this after DST, do it now! At Guardian Protection, we recommend testing smoke detectors once a month.

    If needed, change the batteries while you’re at it! How often you need to change batteries can vary, but a good rule of thumb is to change your batteries twice a year at Daylight Saving Time. Keep in mind if you have a hardwired smoke detector, it may not require batteries or may have a back-up battery. Always give us a call at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328) if you’re unsure.

    If you have monitored smoke detectors tied into your security system – which we recommend – make sure to put the system in test mode first. Guardian customers can do this on the Customer Care site. To find step-by-step instructions on how to test your security system (and why you should), read our previous post.

  3. Change your smart home settings. Once DST ends in November, it will start getting dark earlier in the evening. If you have a smart lighting schedule programmed for your home, it might be time to readjust it to reflect these changes.

    If you’re a Guardian customer, log in to your MyGuardianHome or MyGuardianControl accounts to make sure your system settings meet your needs and help maximize energy efficiency. You may also have some heating/cooling schedules connected to your smart thermostat that should be reevaluated around DST. Temperatures may be changing rapidly, so DST is a great time to make sure that the temperature schedules in your home are appropriate for Autumn. Don’t have smart home devices? Guardian Protection can help you take control of your home security and help you manage your home.

Don’t have a monitored home security system?

If you don’t have a home security system in place, this is a good time to start thinking about it. Worry less about how changes like DST affect the crime rate in your neighborhood and let Guardian Protection help you protect what matters most.

This is also a good time to consider adding monitored smoke detectors to your Guardian home security system if you don’t already have them.

Guardian monitors smoke detectors 24/7, plus they can be integrated with your smart security system. Not only will Guardian’s monitoring experts alert the authorities if the alarm goes off, but you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone.

Even if you can’t get home before dark this DST, Guardian will have your back. Call 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328) to learn more about how we can help.

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